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A Portrait of San Francisco


Two years of photographing the life and beauty of San Francisco collected in a limited edition, signed and numbered 200 page book.

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Mathew StLezin A Portrait of San Francisco Book.jpg

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I love San Francisco. There is so much to see and discover in the city; no matter how many times my feet hit the same patches of pavement I never get bored of strolling through the streets. The faces I see on every street corner change giving a constant rejuvenation to the character of the city. The light changes and brings out new forms as it dances across the skyline. Even I change day by day. All of the ups and downs of my own life effect the way that I view the world around me and come out in what and how I photograph (whether I intend it or not). There may be a grand building or a small detail that I have walked by everyday for the past year that I have never taken note of that today I may find strikingly beautiful.

That is really what I love about San Francisco, as well as photography in general; we are always so surrounded by beauty, we merely need to open our hearts to see it. I believe that life is beautiful. I believe in the dignity of the individual. I believe life has form and purpose. That is what I look for. That is what I photograph. That is the real San Francisco.