The Difficulty in Projects

I have stumbled across a large difficulty in editing together a body of work that I have been absorbed with for some period of time.  Over the months of returning to the same subject to photograph over and over again the scene has remained unchanged yet my photographs have greatly varied moods from each subsequent visit.  Perhaps that is what I love about this location; it evokes such a mix of responses from me; part of the challenge has been to show it all.

This leaves the question of whether or not is it a detriment to the project to have the photographs so varied.  At first glance, it may seem slightly disjointed; as though I was not sure what I was trying to express.  In truth, this is not the case.  The struggle has been to show immensity as well as calm; to show excitement and drama as well as peace. 

After pondering this dilemma for a small stretch of time, I believe that it is not, in fact, harmful to the body of work for it to be varied.  It does provide and additional challenge though.  Now the burden will rest on pairing this collection of photographs with proper written content.  Through both the written word and the photographs, the viewer will gain a much greater understanding than if a single aspect were presented.  Beyond that, by presenting the separate and contradictory moods of a subject, the viewing experience will be improved and not hampered.

As may be noticed, I am not quite ready to discuss the particular location or show any of the work.  It will come soon.  The photographing may be nearing completion but the work of finishing and editing has just begun.