Going Through the Archives

There is a major problem that all photographers must face.

The archives.

When working in a media like photography, there is so much work that is created and accumulated that archiving can be a major and daunting task. I have binders full of negatives, hard drives full of scans, folders full of digital files and piles of prints. I think the storing and management systems that I've put into place work fairly well. If I want to find a certain photograph, it wouldn't take too long to track it down. 

I've begun to realize that the mere storage of photographs is not the major problem. Storage is systematic. Once a system implemented, maintenance does not take much work. The REAL problem seems to be that entire bodies of work are perfectly archived and organized and then never seen again.

Over the past month or so I've staring pouring through my work from the last few years. It has truly been an amazing experience. Other than when working on a project like my Portrait of San Francisco book (there are a few copies left by the way) it is extremely rare that I actually look at my own work. I put a lot into it. I really do WORK at my photography and learning more and more about mastering the craft. Unfortunately, after exposure, development, scanning, Lightroom, archiving and printing, most photographs just get filed away, never to be seen again.

I have decided to make a change.

I have been spening time rediscovering my own work and putting together a series of portfolios; some small, some large. In the coming weeks there will be some major changes to the way my social media pages funtion. I am very excited to be able to share these completed portfolios and will be doing so in (hopefully) a very systematic way. These portfolios are very broad In their subject matter but still very linked In their underlying theme and meaning.

In them, I have also discovered something new and different in my photographs that I am not used to.

I actually like them!

Stay tuned for big updates soon to come!