Photography allows me to leave my house and walk out into the world to experience true form and beauty. It allows me to show not only what I see but what I feel about a scene.

When one examines the little details of creation an enormous depth is added to the appreciation of the intricacies of the world. There is an interconnectedness to everything in the universe. It is the job of the photographer to study how everything interacts and takes part in the dance of life. On the street, light is constantly changing; shadows grow and shrink, taking on a life of their own. Once the photographer has begun to truly study the small details of life, the world will appear as a new place. With proper training of the eye, the photographer will begin to notice all of the beautiful details of everyday life that had previously been taken for granted. Normal, mundane objects like the legs of a piano or the plant in the window begin to take on a new life and have a fresh character and personality. It is amazing how easy it is to go through life without actually looking at anything.

Through photographs, the photographer can show how he sees the world; not just a record of what is in front of him (what he literally sees) but how he sees the world on an emotional and spiritual level. Photography is interpretation and representation.